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01 March 2015 @ 01:10 am
Late night thoughts  

I blocked someone on Twitter a few minutes ago. I felt relieved. I was really anxious tweeting because that particular person followed my account. I have many Japanese friends on Twitter so I usually tweet using Japanese or English in order to communicate with them since they won't be able to understand me if I ever tweet using my native language.

I could imagine all the thoughts this particular person could ever have while he reads my tweets. I've known him for a long time enough to say this. He must be thinking I'm such a social climber for not using 'our' native language. He won't understand, and there's no need for an explanation. I mean, why would I explain such thing to an ex?

I just don't want to have any connections with him. It's already awkward seeing him, let alone following me on Twitter where I usually tweet very random things like.. ohayou i'm gonna go take a bath, i hate my pen, i slept all day, i'm watching hajime no ippo,  i love this guy (insert Ninomiya's picture)

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I'm not yet over with him. Call me a feeler, but I could sense that he still probably (yes, probably) likes me. He even sent me a video message as a birthday present 11 days ago. I don't have any idea what could've possibly entered his mind to do such a thing, but still, sending me a video message was way too awkward for me. I can't even watch it with my own eyes so I listened to the audio instead. It may be awkward, but thinking about his efforts and courage made me appreciate that birthday present.

While I was typing this, I began to realize that I haven't given him a proper reason why I decided to end our relationship. I should give him an answer. But isn't it too late?

reyahh321: Sho-kunreyahh321 on March 10th, 2015 06:40 am (UTC)

I'm late with reading the post...ehhh, maji de? are you talking about 'yey, confetti confetti'? :O

Well, i don't know what kind of advice i could give you... but it's up to you really... whether you tell him the reason... or not...

he must understand though.... why you had to break up with him.