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05 March 2015 @ 09:51 am
The last time he sent me a message was on February 18.
My 21th birthday.

But hey... it took a lot of courage..Collapse )
26 February 2015 @ 06:06 pm
So I was planning to revive my LJ account after 5 years..
I don't have any idea what should I post by the moment as I was preoccupied by the thought of watching Mago Mago Arashi after using this laptop. Haha. I'm definitely gonna watch it after this.

Anyways, I always find time to think about lots of things to post but those thoughts vanish when I start typing (like what I was doing right now..) I'll just type whatever enters my mind haha

Looking back, I was pretty busy for the past 5 years. Mostly due to studying until wee hours of the morning  I even remember drinking 3 cups of coffee just to stay awake to study for a Pharmacology exam.. Eventually, it became one of my favorite subject. Should I be thankful? Haha

Despite of all the busy schedule, I tried to keep up with "fangirling". But it's not that easy since I have to study. Plus, I got a boyfriend. Fortunately, we broke up after 2 years. (Yeah, you've read it right, I'm now feeling fortunate that we broke up. Of course, I cried a lot too. XD) I was a NEWS fan before. I love Shigeaki Kato (love, yeah) not until Ninomiya stole my heart haha wth! After passing the licensure exam, I was finally free~!! And I'm here typing this random entry.

I was thinking of becoming a future subber..
But I know it's gonna be a long journey ahead.

Ah, I really need to put something on my bio. Haha
11 May 2011 @ 08:19 pm
Hahahahahahaha. So there's someone out there reading my post! None other than [info]kawaii_ahiru *claps*
Shiiiit. Papaparty na ko dahil OMG there's someone reading my post pala! Everyone, please teach me how to use English. :DD I'm doing my best at the moment so please bear with me. Hehehe.
Teka makapagtagalog ulit? Ano bang idadaldal ko? Wala. Wala naman kasi ako magawa. In English, because I have nothing to do. Hahahaha! Should I watch "The Quiz Show" ?

"Magcocomment kaya ulit si
[info]kawaii_ahiru HAHAHAHA!!"
09 May 2011 @ 06:37 pm
Summer class is killing me.

Hindi ko na keri mag-ingles. Anu baaaaa! Sino bang bumabasa ng mga walang kwenta kong journal post? Parang wala naman. Siguro magtataglish na lang ako. Ano bey. Sa dami dami ng binabasa kong fic parang hindi ako umuunlad. Hayop.
What should I do? It's so boooring. Is there anyone out there who can pull me away from this dilemma? Gyahahahaha. Minsan lang ako magsosyal kunwari. Dahil super wala akong magawa. Makapagpost nga ulit mamaya. Hahahaha.
Current Music: Eternal - Akanishi Jin
20 January 2011 @ 01:36 pm
Original date: 1月2日2011年
I had a strange dream.. a really strange one.
I was in a school. I don't really understand but it looks haunted. Suddenly, I was in a classroom and I was sitting beside White Ranger. IDK why I was sitting beside him. I was laughing. He was laughing.合格

20 January 2011 @ 01:25 pm
I thought about posting these. (It just came on my mind. LOL)
This may contain one of the things you would probably consider "nonsense".

I like someone.. And I call him "White Ranger." IDK. It just popped out on my mind since we're in a medical school (where most of the students wears white uniform and that includes him..) I thought it's fun. But...
12 January 2011 @ 04:53 pm
No, no, no!!!
This can't be happening. I thought these feelings towards him had already vanished a long time ago~!!
Why is that I always find myself within his vicinity (where I can hear his voice clearly without him noticing my stares at him) I look like a stalker, do I? But, it can't be helped.. Maybe I should confess after all? But.. confessing.. is a kind of thing that is impossible for me to do!! ガーン
I'll just go along with the flow.. And I'll confess in the right place and in the right time. I don't want to destroy our current relationship just because I couldn't contain my feelings anymore. It'd be my own fault if that did happen. Maybe I'll curse myself everyday for pulling that kind of act, if ever anything changed after the moment of confession. Certainly, there would be changes, isn't it?
I was saying that IF that change would allow to make my current happiness turn into sadness, maybe it would be better to say nothing at all.. Huhu.
29 December 2010 @ 09:01 pm
I want to snap out of this shit --> page under construction thingy. I'll be spamming a lot now.
And post nonsense things which YOU may (well, actually..) hate. Coz it's gonna be really random. That includes my fandom (of course of course!), my hellish college life and my damnatious lovelife.
It's all gonna be damned! Hahahahahaha.  にひひ
By the way, I'm in to writing fanfics. I'm gonna post it soon. (the main reason why I re-organized my journal.)
Flooding you soon.~ *evil laugh*
28 December 2010 @ 08:08 pm
Konbanwa. Uwah.
I just came home a few minutes ago. I have so many things I want to write/post.
*but I'm not in mood* [but I'd still write. XD]

I felt something strange today. Lately, I've been keeping my eye on a particular person who is.. Well, how do I put this..
A person who is nothing special? Oh, I mean, he's just like the others, okay? And I prefer to call others ''special.''

I don't know how should I feel. Should I also feel something in the first place? I'm not required to feel anything towards him, right? I'm not obliged to do that!

That's my problem!! Argh, my head is so confused. I could feel pang of pain.~
If I continue to think about this stuff, my brain might splatter.
And blood would spill on my bed sheet.

He's nothing special. I want myself to focus on that word as I go to sleep, as I dream, as I wake up.
This is really dangerous. I can't convey my feelings clearly. What should I do?! Huhuhu..

I love Tadayoshi Ohkura.~
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