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26 February 2015 @ 06:06 pm
So I was planning to revive my LJ account after 5 years..
I don't have any idea what should I post by the moment as I was preoccupied by the thought of watching Mago Mago Arashi after using this laptop. Haha. I'm definitely gonna watch it after this.

Anyways, I always find time to think about lots of things to post but those thoughts vanish when I start typing (like what I was doing right now..) I'll just type whatever enters my mind haha

Looking back, I was pretty busy for the past 5 years. Mostly due to studying until wee hours of the morning  I even remember drinking 3 cups of coffee just to stay awake to study for a Pharmacology exam.. Eventually, it became one of my favorite subject. Should I be thankful? Haha

Despite of all the busy schedule, I tried to keep up with "fangirling". But it's not that easy since I have to study. Plus, I got a boyfriend. Fortunately, we broke up after 2 years. (Yeah, you've read it right, I'm now feeling fortunate that we broke up. Of course, I cried a lot too. XD) I was a NEWS fan before. I love Shigeaki Kato (love, yeah) not until Ninomiya stole my heart haha wth! After passing the licensure exam, I was finally free~!! And I'm here typing this random entry.

I was thinking of becoming a future subber..
But I know it's gonna be a long journey ahead.

Ah, I really need to put something on my bio. Haha
reyahh321reyahh321 on February 26th, 2015 12:42 pm (UTC)
go girl, i'll wait for you when you're already a subber~
welcome back to the fandom! ^^
Micah-chanmaichii on February 26th, 2015 06:01 pm (UTC)

It's all thanks to you! Haha I'm finally able to retrace my steps back to fandom world